A Classic Smoke with a Modern Twist.

Lucy’s Pre-Rolls are made from only the finest 100% ground cannabis flower, no shake. We hand select genetics based on taste and effect, to provide for a very specific experience. Our innovative process creates machine rolled joints that are packed to perfection, giving you the ultimate hit. Lucy’s Pre-Rolls are always lab tested and approved for your safety.

Ask your local licensed dispensary. Please use and store responsibly. Must be 21+, available only with a California doctor’s recommendation.

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Our patented paper and crutch combo are a game-changer for the cannabis Pre-Roll market:



daydreamersUp Up and Away! An uplifting buzz to energize your day. Enjoy a sweet and smooth Sativa with a floral finish.

In Compliance with CA prop 215, SB 420 Sections 11362.5 &11362.7 of HSC, Independently Lab Tested, Do not drive or operate heavy machinery. 

Keep out of reach of children. For medical use only not for resale.

sweetdreamsGet ready for bed. Sweet Dreams is a powerful Indica-dominant blend that will bring you relief on your way to drowsy relaxation.



  Elegant packs of 7 individual half gram pre-rolls totaling 3.5 grams per pack.

  All Organic premium sun grown Indica and Sativa flower, NO shake.

  Organic heat-stitched rice paper, containing no adhesive or chemicals of any kind.

  Extra long crutch provides optimal cooling of smoke avoiding throat irritation while providing a superior smoking format and far better pull than cones.

  No More Wasted Flower: Paper and Crutch format allow for each pre-roll to be smoked in its entirety.



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